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"UNROYAL" is the story of an Okirika Kings daughter, Princess Boma, a beautiful young lady who sees the world as her foot stole, arrogant, rude, and inconsiderate and feels the world revolves around her. She treats everyone as though they weren't humans. However, the table turned when she had an accident that almost claimed her life but landed her into Coma. She needed the help of Kala (OKON LAGOS) her gatekeeper whom she had maltreated...Did he help her out? Did she survive it? .
Date: 20th March 2019


A young boy condemned to death in his pagan native land escapes death by the whiskers. He flees to a foreign land. Twenty years later he gets a divine calling to go back to the land where he was to be killed and give them the story of Jesus Christ.
Date: 27 MArch 2020



Traumatized by deep secrets, Alfred Philips stages a lavish wedding to patch emotional cracks between him and Anna his fussy wife. But soon, in the heat of a scattered home, the unhappy couple find themselves both searching for love and sanity again in many crazy and most unusual places.


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