Theatrical Distribution

Most movies are produced for the big screens of cinemas and because we have a wide reach of cinema lovers and constantly growing the Cinema going culture, we pay tribute to this fact and operate theatrical distribution in West Africa and the World.


  • Movie reviews, selection and feedback
  • Strategic scheduling and dating of films for Cinema releases
  • Exhibitor-Client Management and Relations


  • Marketing survey for films
  • Generate Marketing plan and Calendar
  • Film Content Marketing
  • Securing Sponsorships and Partnerships
  • Promotion and Advertising
  • Movie Premieres and Media Screenings
  • Production of film assets and materials


  • Digital Cinema Package (DCP) creation, the standard format for theatrical playback for maximum security of owner’s content.
  • KDM generation and management
  • Video Editing, Sound and Pictures
  • Cutting Trailers and Gifs